Our instructors (sensei) are:

  • Founder of Mumeishi Melbourne: Sensei Brent Gazzaniga, 5th Dan. (Shihan 師範)
  • Principal instructor: Sensei Junji Sakamoto, 5th Dan.
  • Instructor: Sensei Eric Jeffrey, 5th Dan.

About Brent Gazzaniga sensei, 5th Dan

Sensei has a long history in budo generally and kendo in particular. Please view our history page for information about Brent sensei.

About Junji Sakamoto sensei, 5th Dan

I started Kendo when I was 7 years of age in Fukuoka, Japan. I trained very regularly at local dojos as well as schools up to 17 years old. I was away from Kendo for many years after that until I met Brent Gazzaniga Sensei at Mumeishi Kendo Dojo, in Berwick, Victoria. It was over 15 years ago. I feel the encounter with Brent Sensei was inevitability for my life. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity of meeting Brent Sensei and other sincere members of Mumeishi Kendo Club.

Sensei's message

Our dojo mottos are 開かれた心、学ぶ心、友を思う心 in Japanese and they are translated “Open Mind” “Sincere Heart to Learn” and “Heart to Care for Others”. I see all of our members respect these mottos and we are endeavouring to enhance our Kendo skills and beyond. I study Aikido as well, and I believe all Japanese martial arts are connected and share fundamental elements. Aikido is an excellent extended study of Kendo. Kendo is one of the most profound parts of Japanese traditional culture. If you would like to experience the deep culture of Japan, please visit us and talk with us. Your visit is always welcome.

International athlete

Trent Reeve 4th dan, started his kendo training at Mumeishi and has represented Australia at multiple World Kendo Championships.

Sempai (senior students/dojo stewards)

  • Andy Garard, 3rd Dan
  • Russell Robinson, 3rd Dan

Please feel free to ask Andy or Russell about any aspect of our dojo.



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